Small Business Bookkeeping Services

James Keep & Company not only manages small business payroll but can also handle all aspects of your small business’ bookkeeping - including monthly write-up, checking account reconciliation, and easy-to-understand reporting.

Why does your small business need a bookkeeper? Being an expert at your small business and industry is your wheelhouse – it’s where you live and breathe. Small business bookkeeping can be where you may not feel as experienced and may also place an unnecessary time drain on your business.

We’re the small business payroll and bookkeeping professionals. We can provide your small business with electronic bookkeeping that can provide you with a fresh perspective. We’ll highlight where your money is going each month and how you can take advantage of financial opportunities you may not have considered. By outsourcing time-consuming record keeping, you can focus on what you do best – building your small business.

How Can We Help You?